12/13/00 - And so it ends. Despite having on his side the greatest, longest economic boom in American History, Al Gore narrowly lost the Presidential Election of 2000 to Governor George W. Bush of Texas, a bumbling, incoherent candidate that virtually any other Democratic nominee -- including Bill Bradley -- could have defeated by huge margins.

Sixteen hours after the Supreme Court assured Bush's victory and seven hours before Gore concedes, the "If Onlys" are already circulating the nation. If only Gore had managed to carry his home state of Tennessee, or even his home Congressional District. If only the Vice-President had swallowed his pride and asked President Clinton to stump in Arkansas or West Virginia or a handful of other states. If only Gore had tried to run on the Clinton record rather than distancing himself from the President through his rhetoric and his running mate. If only Mr. Gore hadn't been so sanctimonious, pedantic, and thoroughly unlikable in his debates with Governor Bush. If only we had chosen Bill Bradley to be our standard-bearer instead. If only, If only, If only.

I started Al Gore is a Chump! in 1999, soon after creating Go Bradley Go!, as a startled reaction to the chosen tactics of the Gore campaign. Perhaps naively, I had expected that Gore and Bradley would conduct a more issue-oriented dialogue on where the Democratic Party and the nation should go in the post-Clinton era. I had not expected that Gore would distort, skewer, and lie about Senator Bradley's record in ways that made the GOP seem warm-hearted. But, there Gore was, telling minority audiences that Bradley was out to get them, telling the elderly that Bradley would take away their health care, telling everyone else that Bradley would raise their taxes.

With each passing pander or convenient half-truth, I grew more and more contemptuous of Al Gore and his desperate need to win at all costs. And, as Gore began to pick up steam and Bradley began to fade, this site warned that the tactics and tone of the Vice-President's modus operandi would ensure defeat in the general election. Thus, although I don't relish the prospect of this coming Bush restoration, I do find some justice in the fact that Albert Gore, Jr. was eventually hoist by his own petard.

Now that the election of 2000 is over, this site is dormant. And, since Al Gore decided not to run again in 2004 and likely won't in 2008, it will remain so. If you wish to see the archives, go here.

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