Since Al Gore has unwisely chosen to go negative on his Democratic rival, Senator Bill Bradley, despite his own numerous shortcomings, this sister site of Go Bradley Go! is now dedicated to listing the myriad reasons why the Vice-President is utterly unfit to govern this country into the next millennium. From now herein, these pages will keep you up-to-date on the latest lies, gaffes and missteps to emanate from the Vice-President.

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12/4/00 - Gore's Last Stand.
Almost a month after election day, it's not looking very good for Team Gore at this point. Instant Karma's gonna getcha...

7/18/00 - Fallows on Gore.
In a fitting recap of Al Gore's shameless primary campaign, James Fallows delves into the veep's journey from wonkish bore to bloodthirsty liar and concludes that "There is very little lightness, modesty, or self-awareness" in today's incarnation of Gore. Moreover, he "is manifestly willing to lie for political convenience."

3/11/00 - Told You So.
Less than a week after Senator Bradley withdrew from the Democratic race, Al Gore's campaign finance abuses have percolated to the front pages. Both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times have unearthed new evidence suggesting that Gore's fundraising behavior may have been more unseemly than it originally appeared. Reap what you have sown, Gore voters.

3/9/00 - Into the Sunset.
At 11pm ET this morning, Senator Bill Bradley withdrew from the Presidential race and pledged to support Al Gore in the general election. We will deeply miss his vision, humor, integrity, and leadership throughout the general election and the next four years, and we very much hope that his experience in the arena this year won't dissuade him from future political service.

Note: With all due respect to the Senator for a fine campaign, this site does not follow his lead in regard to supporting his opponent. A flawed Democrat anyway, Vice-President Al Gore ran a desperate and unprincipled primary campaign that is unworthy of Progressive support., even in the face of a potential Bush presidency. As of now, Go Bradley Go! and Al Gore is a Chump! encourage all readers to vote for a Democratic Congress and to either abstain in the Presidential race or vote for Ralph Nader, of the Green Party.

3/2/00 - Gore Fundraiser Found Guilty on all Counts.
It appears the Democrats are about to choose a candidate that is utterly compromised on the issue of campaign finance reform. To make matters worse, Gore "Buddhist Temple" fundraiser Maria Hsia was found guilty on all five counts of lying to the FEC today in Washington. At least on the matter of fund-raising, there appears to be a cancer growing on the Vice-Presidency...

3/2/00 - Gore's Nickel D.
The New York Times and Boston Globe both delve into Al Gore's constant attempts to hide from the press since Iowa. No doubt, his campaign is well aware of the veep's seemingly incurable penchant for lies and exaggeration, and have ensured that Al Gore is protected from his own tongue until after the primary season is concluded.

2/23/00 - The Hurricane? Let him dangle.
Al Gore stated in an interview with the San Francisco Bay Guardian that a few innocent people being put to death is nothing to get worked up about. The Veep stated that "any honest and candid supporter of the death penalty has to acknowledge that that support comes in spite of the fact that there will inevitably be some mistakes." If you equate honesty and candidness with such heartlessness and injustice, Al, then it's little wonder you're constantly lying.

2/23/00 - Al's Ethics, "Gone 'Til November."
One wonders how Tipper Gore's PMRC would have reacted to the Vice-President's recent touting of his endorsement by ex-Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean. While Gore aimed "to give him a shout-out" on Hot 97, the Veep's aides tried to act ignorant of the fact that both Wyclef's lyrics and his history with bad press advocates violence and gunplay. I personally like the Fugees, but my wife isn't convening concerned parents in the interest of censorship, either. Since Wyclef is of the "steal an original hook from somebody else's song and pretend it's yours" school of hip-hop, however, I can see how he and Al Gore would get along swimmingly.

2/23/00 - More About Gore.
Senator Bradley has created his own website dedicated to getting the word out about Al Gore's lies and conservatism. Check it out.

2/23/00 - Gore's pro-segregation stance.
When Senator Bradley pointed out Gore's record of upholding the tax-exempt status of segregated schools, the Vice-President deemed his charge "phony and scurrilous." After a little research on the subject, however, reporters at Slate, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe have all called out Gore for his position, which was originally staked out by flaming conservatives B-1 Bob Dornan and John Ashbrook.

2/21/00 - Gore's Lobbyist Pals
The Los Angeles Times examines Gore's inner circle of Washington lobbyists and concludes that, "to a striking degree, Gore has surrounded himself with a revolving door of political insiders whose careers he helped propel." Moreover, and "not coincidentally," the interests of this lobbyist cadre "often have dovetailed with Gore's public policy portfolio."

2/17/00 - Always a Prevaricator.
Today's New York Times discusses anew Gore's long history of deceit and half-truths. Notes Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School of Communication, "You could argue that Gore built his Iowa victory on a significant deception."

2/12/00 - I Cannot Tell A was the Ice Tea!
Recently released FBI documents indicate that Al Gore changed his answers from strict denial to evasiveness when confronted with key fund-raising documents concerning his illegal phone calls. He also tried to claim that he had drank too much ice tea and was in the bathroom during the most sensitive moments of the discussion. In direct contrast to his statement, one of the handwritten notes recording the discussion reads "VP: 'Count me in on the calls.'"

2/12/00 - Calling In a Few Favors.
This afternoon, both Al Gore and Bill Bradley spoke in front of the theoretically neutral California Democratic Convention, but agents of the veep tried to stack the deck against the Senator. First the warm-up speakers - including Senator Barbara Boxer - screamed "Nominate Al Gore" to the attendees. Then, in a crowd of 3000, Bill Bradley was allowed only 200 guest passes "for space reasons," even though the hall was a quarter empty. Finally, in the midst of Bradley's speech, Gore's flunkies passed out a press release calling Bradley a "special agent" for the Republicans. "I was appalled," noted Jane Marcus, a Stanford administrator and Bradley supporter. "It's dirty tricks. As a Democrat, don't I have as much right as any other person in this room to say who I want to be President?"

2/9/00 - There He Goes Again.
Leaving no stone unturned in his race for the bottom, Al Gore has most recently settled in on an old standby: Mediscare. Speaking with Florida seniors, Gore insinuated that Senator Bradley would take away their Medicare, when in fact the Senator's strong commitment to Medicare is on record and his prescription drug benefit for the elderly is more generous than that of the veep. "Gore was asked if he was running the same plays against Bradley that worked against Dole. He grinned slightly [and] shrugged." He also tried to compare himself to current press wunderkind John McCain.

2/7/00 - Al Gore, Friend of the NRA
As if his switches on the abortion and affirmative action issues weren't enough, Al Gore has completed the Democratic trifecta. Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine has delved into Gore's record on guns and discovered a senator whom the National Rifle Association says could have been "NRA Man of the Year - every single vote." Moreover, Gore declared to the Washington Monthly in 1986 that gun-control laws "haven't been an effective solution to the underlying problem of violent crime."

2/7/00 - Stretching the Truth
Margaret Carlson of Time Magazine scrutinizes Gore's compulsive dishonesty and concludes that "when Gore descends to the politics he disdains, he can't find the level beneath which he will not sink."

2/7/00 - Newsweek Publishes Warnecke Excerpts.
After spiking the story until after the New Hampshire primary, today's Newsweek publishes the excerpts from Bill Turque's forthcoming Gore biography concerning his marijuana use and subsequent coverup. Although according to multiple sources Al Gore smoked "as often as three or four times a week," he deemed his use "infrequent and rare" and encouraged his former friends to stonewall and lie about it. (Please read Editor's Note from 1/20/00 Post) The author also concludes from his painstaking research that "When Gore entered Congress in 1977, he brought...a willingness to do whatever it took to survive—even if it meant playing the race card."

2/5/00 - Gore Taps White House Perk
Monday's US News and World Report notes that Al Gore has been using the White House Travel Office to pay for his campaign flights, thereby charging the White House press corps rather than his campaign funds for his travel. Fortunately for Gore, while universally considered to be improper, there is "no controlling legal authority" for this particular campaign finance irregularity.

2/5/00 - The Campaign Finance Genie Gets Out of the Bottle.
The Los Angeles Times published this morning a summary of a 74 page FBI report detailing numerous campaign finance irregularities and mischief within the 1996 Clinton-Gore reelection campaign, including more information on Al Gore's fundraiser-not a fundraiser Buddhist temple trip. Read it well, Gore supporters. You're going to have to find a way not only to reconcile this disgusting behavior with your support, but also to spin these obviously improper and probably illegal donations against withering Republican attack.

2/5/00 - Al Gore is a Big, Fit Liar
Infamous commentator Arianna Huffington delves into Gore's seeming addiction to compulsive lying and self-aggrandizement. Also, Russ Smith of New York Press tries to understand the reasons why some papers downplay Al Gore's insincerity.

2/3/00 - Al's Pro-Life Stance on Record.
Ever since he's first been taken to task for saying that he's "always" been for a woman's right to choose, Al Gore and his handlers have been trying to spin away every pro-life vote in his record. Well, spin this gem from today's New York Post: In 1976, Al Gore is quoted on record in The Nashville Banner as saying, "I don't believe a woman's freedom to live her own life, in all cases, outweighs the fetus' right to life." Whether such a position is defendable is less important than the fact that it clearly contradicts Al Gore's current statements on his past abortion stance.

2/2/00 - Drip, Drip, Drip...
Listen carefully, and you can hear the press outrage over Al Gore's lies and misrepresentations gathering force. Today, Cal Thomas excoriates Gore for his lies on the abortion issue in the Jewish World Review, while in the Washington Post Michael Kelly concisely illustrates how Gore's tortured relationship with the truth will effectively deep-six his chances in the general election.

2/1/00 - The Company You Keep.
At a campaign stop yesterday, Gore supporters took the time to insult Bradley supporter Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) about his weight and call war hero and United States Senator Bob Kerrey a "cripple." They then proceeded to throw mud-covered snowballs at the two. Gore press secretary Chris Lehane responded by saying, "Should the Gore campaign apologize for Bob Kerrey having to come to a Gore event to find the crowds?'"

2/1/00 - Meanwhile...
Far away from the furor in New Hampshire, the trial of Gore fundraiser Maria Hsia, of Buddhist temple fame, begins.

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