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New 10/23/00 - The Journey From Here
As the general election rages on and Al Gore faces an increasingly uphill battle against Governor Bush for all the reasons listed here a year ago, Senator Bradley has released a new book, The Journey From Here. Part post-mortem on his primary campaign, part rallying cry for his disillusioned followers, Journey is an excellent read for anyone drawn to the Senator's candidacy over a year ago. I must say, it's hard to watch the recent debates and not lament what might have been.

New 7/18/00 - Bradley endorses Gore. This site doesn't.
After four months of relative seclusion, Bill Bradley endorsed Al Gore for President and updated his campaign website for the post-election statesman look. Again, Go Bradley Go! urges all Bradley supporters to chide Gore for his reprehensible campaign of misrepresentation and vote Nader.

New 3/28/00 - Bradley Toons Updated.
The Bill Bradley Political Cartoon Archive has been updated for the final time.

New 3/9/00 - Into the Sunset.
At 11pm ET this morning, Senator Bill Bradley withdrew from the Presidential race and pledged to support Al Gore in the general election. We will deeply miss his vision, humor, integrity, and leadership throughout the general election and the next four years, and we very much hope that his experience in the arena this year won't dissuade him from future political service.

Note: With all due respect to the Senator for a fine campaign, this site does not follow his lead in regard to supporting his opponent. A flawed Democrat anyway, Vice-President Al Gore ran a desperate and unprincipled primary campaign that is unworthy of Progressive support., even in the face of a potential Bush presidency. As of now, Go Bradley Go! encourages all readers to vote for a Democratic Congress and to either abstain in the Presidential race or vote for Ralph Nader, of the Green Party.

New 3/8/00 - Bradley Shutout by Gore.
Vice-President Al Gore, the candidate of the Democratic Establishment, scored a decisive victory over progressive insurgent Senator Bradley on Super Tuesday, defeating him in all 15 contested states. Words cannot convey my profound disappointment with the Democratic electorate.

New 3/2/00 - The Choice is Clear.
Fellow Democrats, the battle is nearing conclusion and the choice must now be made. Appealing to our submerged idealism and our quiet national conscience, Senator Bradley has illustrated time and time again his commitment to core Democratic issues. Moreover, Bradley has fashioned comprehensive and bold responses to the lingering problems of health care, child poverty, campaign finance reform, gun control, and civil rights. Meanwhile, Al Gore has waged a cynical campaign of misrepresentation and status quo piecemeal centrism. He has treated American voters like they are idiots and fully expects such low tactics -- and the party establishment -- to carry him to victory. These tactics, not to mention his fundraising habits and conservative record, blunt many of the attacks a Democratic candidate must wage in the general election. Finally, the man has no crossover appeal. Like Walter Mondale and Bob Dole before him, Al Gore has no traction outside his base. A primary vote for Al Gore is a prayer that George Bush just happens to be a lousier candidate than the Vice-President. Why make such a gamble with a compromised candidate when you have on the ballot such a strong, committed, compassionate, and visionary leader as Senator Bradley, who has the knowledge, ability, confidence, and appeal to win the nomination and further the Progressive cause into the new century?

Vote your conscience. Vote your heart. Vote Bill Bradley.

New 2/22/00 - It's On!
From his strong performance last night in the Apollo debate to today's speech at Adelphi University, Senator Bradley has made the choice for Democrats unmistakably clear: We now know that, aside from his obviously strained relationship with the truth, his endless capacity for self-promotion, and his willingness to do anything for money, Al Gore has been against gun control, against affirmative action, pro-tobacco, pro-segregation, and against a woman's right to choose. Why does such a poor, unprincipled excuse for a Democrat as Al Gore deserve Democratic votes?

New 2/21/00 - Bradley v. McCain
Eileen McNamara of the Boston Globe has a great piece on Democratic attitudes toward Bill Bradley and John McCain. Also, the Associated Press wonders aloud if McCain's loss in SC on Saturday may encourage lazy reporters to get their act together.

New 2/11/00 - Michael Jordan Backs Bradley!
In his first political endorsement ever, Michael Jordan has endorsed Bill Bradley for President. Citing the Senator's commitment to gun control, race issues, and education, MJ has also filmed an ad promoting Bradley's vision. Meanwhile, Al Gore, who once referred to No. 23 as "Michael Jackson," has been reduced to flouting his endorsement by Shaquille O'Neal. Six rings to none, Al?

New 2/9/00 - Bradley's Unveils Plan for Education.
One day after taking the GOP to task for their Confederate Flag pandering, Senator Bradley has unveiled his bold new education plan. The plan would include a doubling of federal aid for disadvantaged and low-income school districts, an expansion of the Head Start Program, more money for charter schools, a strict rating system for public schools, and a new system of public school choice.

New 2/7/00 - The Bradley Republicans/He Has a Dream.
This week's American Prospect examines Bill Bradley's striking crossover appeal with Republicans, Independents, and - despite his strong Progressive record - Conservatives. In contrast, the truth-challenged Al Gore shares neither Bradley's sterling Democratic record nor his strong support across the political spectrum, a support that is absolutely essential to victory in the general election. In other recent magazine news, Vibe Magazine chats with Senator Bradley about race, society, and politics in an article entitled He Has a Dream.

New 2/7/00 - Getting Stronger!
In their first bout - the "Bashua in Nashua" (otherwise known as the New Hampshire Primary) - the Challenger from New Jersey, Senator Bill Bradley, went the distance against Establishment favorite "Mediscare Al" Gore. Now, while the national press goes ga-ga for John McCain, our man's quietly in training, slowly but surely preparing the way for decisive Democratic victories on March 7. You better be ready, Al, for Bradley II!

New 2/2/00 - Guess who's back?
A week ago they pronounced him dead in the water. Today, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, R.W. Appel, Bill Kristol, Jeff Greenfield, and Stuart Rothenberg are just some of the many press organizations and pundits remarking on Bradley's remarkable resurgence.

New 2/2/00 - A Quick Congrats to John McCain.
Go Bradley Go! would like to congratulate Arizona Senator John McCain for his convincing win over frontrunner George W. Bush in yesterday's primary. While Senator Bradley is far and away the best candidate overall, John McCain is without a doubt the most principled and visionary member of the Republican field, and it speaks highly of the New Hampshire GOP -- and very poorly of the Democrats -- that according to exit polls, Senator McCain won the Republican vote as well as the independent vote. To my mind, traditional Democratic constituencies would do well to take a gander at the other party's rejection of the old politics status quo of demagoguery and distortion, if we want to field a winner in the general election.

New 2/1/00 - New Hampshire Primary Results: Gore 52% Bradley 48% (98% Reporting)
Well, it was a nail-biter, folks. Senator Bradley may have come in second by a hair, but he defied the pundits' predictions with his remarkable comeback and clearly won the expectations game. Moreover, Bradley's strong showing with independent-leaning voters reinforces the fact that Al Gore has no traction outside the Democratic base and is a sure loser in the general election. At any rate, now we move on to the national primary, where Bradley's got the vision, the message and the resources to win the Democratic nomination. And, in case anybody's counting, the last person to win the Presidency after losing Iowa and New Hampshire was...William Jefferson Clinton!

New 1/31/00 - If this doesn't sway you...
If any New Hampshire undecideds are visiting this site and the content herein can't sway you, well, just look at the guy dance!

New 1/30/00 - Don't Call It a Comeback.
Today's CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll finds Bradley down only 1 percentage point on Al Gore, 48% to 47%. This represents an increase of 4 points in the past few days. Looks like it's gonna come down to the wire, sports fans...

New 1/30/00 - Endorsements from Unlikely Sources!
Bill Bradley picked up some endorsements from unlikely sources this morning: the renowned conservative Manchester Union-Leader and the equal-opportunity maligner Maureen Dowd. The former notes that " Bradley is much more liberal than Gore, but at least he is honest. An honest liberal beats a dishonest one any day," while Ms. Dowd proclaims that "Mr. Bradley has been working to restore trust in the process...he's too good for us, really."

New 1/28/00 - Great New Ad!
Today, Senator Bradley's campaign began running an ad carrying excerpts from the 13 (of 17) New Hampshire area newspapers that endorsed him. Check it out!

New 1/28/00 - Lowell Weicker Endorses Bradley.
Citing the Senator's "vision, respect and integrity," former Governor of Connecticut, U.S. Senator, and respected Independent Lowell Weicker endorsed Bill Bradley today in New Hampshire. According to Weicker, "Bill Bradley is the one candidate speaking independently and with the courage of his convictions. Democrats, Independents and even Republicans should support him for the bold, honest leadership he will provide as president."

New 1/27/00 - Boston Herald Endorses Bradley!
This morning's edition of the Boston Herald joined 14 other New Hampshire area newspapers in endorsing Bill Bradley for President. "Bradley has brought to this campaign a level of candor and - in the watchword of this campaign season - authenticity we haven't seen much of in recent years," writes the Herald. "Bill Bradley is smart and committed, an experienced politician who got out of Washington with just enough of his idealism left intact to inspire a new generation."

New 1/27/00 - A Decisive Contrast.
Today's Washington Post discusses Bill Bradley's shunning of special interests during his Senate career. They note that, "Even Republican staffers privy to special-interest deals in the deal-laden Finance Committee say no one made fewer than Bradley." Moreover, "lobbyists for New Jersey's drug, telecommunications, manufacturing and financial companies said Bradley mastered their industries as doggedly as oil-state senators mastered oil and gas--but, unlike the oil bloc, was consistently leery of tilting federal policy to their advantage." This represents a marked contrast to the "Solicitor-In Chief" behavior of Al Gore, whose "morally repugnant" incestuous relationship with major contributors and lobbyists was examined in yesterday's Boston Globe.

New - 1/27/00 - At the buzzer...Swish!
For long-suffering Bradley supporters chafing under the yoke of Al Gore's lies and distortions, last night's debate was a cathartic Yawp! to the heavens. In the most combative Democratic debate to date, Senator Bradley finally took off the gloves and called out Al Gore for his reprehensible campaign tactics. A nonpartisan focus group study conducted by Speak Out!, who also found Al Gore to be the clear winner of the now-infamous Iowa farm debate, shows that Senator Bradley scored a decisive victory! Indeed, Al Gore even scored lower than all the Republican candidates, and those in the study who were sure they'd vote for the Vice-President dropped from 43% to 29%.

New - 1/25/00 - Iowa Caucus Results: Gore 63% Bradley 35% Uncommitted 2%
Well, it may not look pretty on paper, but Senator Bradley has set a new high-water mark for insurgent Democratic candidacies in Iowa, eclipsing Ted Kennedy's performance of 31% in 1980. In deference to his win, we'll give Al Gore (circa 1988) the last word on the Iowa Caucus: "a real arcane procedure that produces crazy results." Next stop, New Hampshire!

New - 1/24/00 - More Newspaper Endorsements.
On the eve of the nation's first vote, Senator Bradley has also been endorsed by the Nashua Telegraph, the Valley News, and the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune (MA) in New Hampshire and the Fort Dodge Messenger in Iowa.

New - 1/23/00 - Des Moines Register Endorses Bradley!
Citing the Senator's "compelling vision" and "fundamental decency," the Des Moines Register has endorsed Bill Bradley for President on the eve of the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucus. They write, "Of the two candidates for the Democratic nomination, Bill Bradley has the better appreciation of the possibilities and the right kind of leadership to realize them." Amen.

New - 1/23/00 - Hello to Yahoo!
The Yahoo Search Engine has today (finally) included this site in its search engine. Hello to all first-time visitors who arrive from said portal! There's news, cartoons, and pointed criticism of the Vice-President's campaign ready for your perusal. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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