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New - 1/22/00 - It Can Happen!
It's always darkest before the dawn, Bradleyites. The national press and the Gore campaign are trying to call this one over before a vote has even been cast. Do y'all remember the story of the Comeback Kid in 1992? Clinton was deemed a has-been up until the Super Bowl and the New Hampshire Primary, where he came in second. Moreover, with the Gore drug story waiting in the wings, the Senator's chances are still very good to surprise with an above-average showing in Iowa, win New Hampshire, and take the national primary of March 7 by storm! If you know any Iowans, tell 'em to get out there and support our candidate! It can happen, folks. One look at Al Gore will tell you that.. Don't let the herd mentality of the press corps sway your idealism. For the good of the party and the good of the country, vote Bill Bradley!

New - 1/21/00 - New Endorsements.
As the first act of the Democratic nomination season begins on Monday, Senator Bradley has picked up three new endorsements of note: Betty Friedan, writer of The Feminine Mystique and former President of NOW, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, Jr.. The Hawkeye, Iowa's oldest newspaper, has also endorsed the Senator.

New - 1/18/00 - Bradley's Bad Week.
Last week was not the best of times for our candidate: Newspapers wrote several "is he too aloof" stories to fill pages, Newsweek declared Gore was fifteen points ahead in New Hampshire, and the pundits decided Senator Bradley's candidacy was dead in the water. Well, as this ABC News story points out, reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

New - 1/13/00 - The Writing is On the Wall.
Folks, the writing is on the wall. A CNN/Gallup Poll released yesterday puts the 2000 Presidential Race in Perspective: Al Gore beats Bill Bradley 59 to 30 among Democrats nationally, George Bush beats John McCain 63-18 among the GOP. In head to head matchups, Al Gore loses to Bush by 9 points and McCain by 13! Bill Bradley is statistically tied against Bush (49-47) and McCain (46-46). The upshot? Democrats vote for Al Gore at the party's peril. As with Bob Dole in 1996, the critical 10-15% of voters that win general elections made up their mind against Al Gore long ago. If you want to see a Bush or McCain presidency, vote for the veep.

New - 1/5/00 - Dr. Bradley or Dr. Gore? In today's Washington Post, John Holahan and Len M. Nichols, two senior analysts at the Urban Institute, compare and contrast Senator Bradley's and Al Gore's health plans. Here's what they have to say:
Gore appears to have concluded that substantially expanding health insurance coverage is not a major national priority. All of his measures, taken together, would expand coverage only modestly...

Who would win the most under Gore's vision? Parents and children who would be made eligible for public programs. Who is left out? The working low-income people who are struggling to cover their families now, and those who have decided they can't afford private insurance but who make too much money to qualify for public insurance. Gore, in the name of fiscal prudence, offers them little relief...

Bradley's winners extend to a much larger number--the entire low-income population--since they would all receive the same subsidy for buying their own private health insurance plan, whether or not they are currently insured. The losers are higher-income taxpayers, who would either forgo tax reductions or pay higher taxes. Bradley would change who pays for health care more than inject new money into the system; he thinks that equity in access to health care is in our society's long-term interest.

New - 12/30/99 - Bradley fundraising doubles Gore for last quarter.
In yet another sign that Senator Bradley has captured the public imagination and Al Gore is floundering in the Democratic race for President, Bill Bradley has raised twice as much than the Vice-President in the last quarter - 8 million to 4 million.

New 12/21/99 - New 'Toons!
Because you demanded it, we've got a whole new page of political cartoons for the Bradley enthusiast. Enjoy!

New 12/19/99 - Second Round Knockout!
Jacob Weisberg of Slate on the third (Meet the Press) debate:
I think it represents a pivotal moment in the Democratic campaign. I'm not sure whether the effect fully comes across in written form but on television Bradley made Gore look like a complete ass...Throughout the entire debate in fact, Bradley's facial expressions and body language were those of a grown-up compelled to contend with an obnoxious punk...While Gore rolled around in the muck, Bradley did no more than take off his jacket and roll up his sleeves...[Bradley] came across as straightforward and real, his authenticity underscored by Gore's plasticity. In sum, Gore may want to reconsider his request for twice-weekly debates. A few more like this morning's and he'll be kaput.

New 12/19/99 - Harvard/Stanford study backs Bradley Health Care plan.
Ever since the two Democratic candidates released their health care plans, Al Gore has been widely touting an Emory study conducted by a former Clinton-Gore staffer to promote his plan. Well, on Friday, a joint study by Harvard and Stanford professors has concluded that the Bradley plan will cover over four times as many Americans as Gore's plan. Sorry, Al. Better start digging through the President's rolodex again.

New 12/19/99 - Archibald Cox Endorses Bradley.
Archibald Cox, former U.S. Solicitor General, Watergate Special Prosecutor and Chairman of Common Cause -- the man who during the Nixon debacle personified the conscience of a nation -- has endorsed Senator Bradley. This is his first political endorsement in twenty years.

New 12/17/99 - Weekend Double-Header
Senator Bradley and Al Gore will square off twice this weekend. The first bout will be a 90 minute town meeting on ABC's Nightline (11:30pm ET, for some ungodly reason). The second will come in a joint "interview" with NBC's Tim Russert on Sunday's Meet the Press (10:30am, or check local listings.) Watch Mediscare Al squirm.

New 12/17/99! - The Life of William Warren Bradley
Washington Post reporters Barton Gellman and Dale Russakoff have completed their six part story on the life of Senator Bradley. Check it out!

New 12/16/99! - "A Plague on Both Our Houses"
In an unprecedented crossparty event, Senator Bradley and Republican nominee John McCain met in Claremont, NH -- site of the empty Clinton-Gingrich handshake of 1995 -- to declare their opposition to soft-money and promote campaign finance reform, an issue widely ignored by the current party frontrunners. Senator Bradley also released a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire discussing the issue.

New 12/11/99! - Seattle Times endorses Bradley!
In a break from tradition, the Seattle Times has become the first paper in the nation to endorse a candidate for the General Election. Their candidate and ours: Bill Bradley!

New 12/11/99! - The health of our campaign and our candidate are excellent.
Bradley supporters received a scare Friday night when the Senator canceled two days of a West Coast swing to receive attention for an irregular heartbeat. As it turns out, Senator Bradley is in fine health and fine spirits. The only auxiliary damage from the incident seems to be that it will join the ranks of McCain's temper as fodder for lazy journalists and may end up being an avenue of attack for the increasingly desperate and unprincipled Gore campaign.

New 12/9/99! - Bradley places second in Internet Primary
The results are in from Politics.com's first Internet Primary. After 8000 votes, Senator Bradley placed second with 21% of the vote to Governor George Bush's 29%. Al Gore finished fifth with 10% of the total vote.

New 12/8/99! - New Bradley Links
The Bradley Center, a new Bradley webpage, offers several links of interest, including a FAQ on the Bradley Health Care plan and an interactive map monitoring Bradley's support. Also, Bill Bradley for Prez 2000 has some excellent multimedia content. Check 'em out.

New 12/8/99! - New Ads.
Senator Bradley has released two new ads on his health care program, designed to combat the increasingly frequent lies by Mediscare Al. Moreover, on the subject of Gore's tax fraud, I've written the following letter to the Washington Post:

Re: "Taxes become Debating Point for Democrats," etc.

As a lifelong Democrat, I am absolutely and thoroughly disgusted by the depths to which the Gore campaign has sunk in its increasingly desperate attempt to retain the nomination. The Vice-President's decision to unearth the ancient "tax and spend" slur from the GOP dirty trick vaults and unfairly level it against a fellow Democrat marks a new low, even for Mediscare Al. If the Gore campaign thinks they can resort to such tactics and expect disillusioned Democrats to return to the fold next November, they are sadly mistaken. Gore's "scorched earth" campaign has ensured that I - along with dozens of other Democrats I've spoken with - will be forced to bolt the party should he win the nomination. Naomi Wolf and the rest of the Gore handlers might want to start prepping the veep for a particularly hard question from fellow Democrats: "How do you sleep?"

New 12/2/99! - I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! - In a speech to Black legislators today, Bill Bradley finally took the gloves off and called Al Gore out for what he is: a desperate man using political dirty tricks that have no place in a Democratic primary. You go, Dollar Bill!

New 11/24/99! - Ad and Adlai Redux - Bill Bradley's second ad is online! Filmed in October and featuring Gore-lambasted mother of three Maureen Drumm, the ad details Senator Bradley's creation of and involvement in the mandatory 48-hour hospital bill for new mothers. Also, Godfrey Sperling, the venerable journalist at the head of the Christian Science Monitor, has weighed in on Michael Waldman's intended slam of Adlai and Bradley (see below.)

New 11/20/99! - Adlai and Bradley - Former Clinton head speechwriter Michael Waldman is the most recent Gore flunky to make a fool of himself in the national press. In a staggering feat of Gore-jocking, Waldman belittled both Senator Bradley and Democratic hero Adlai Stevenson, all the while comparing Al Gore to Harry Truman AND RFK. I would have written my own reply to Waldman's ridiculous Washington Post editorial, but Former Secretary of Labor William Wirtz and former Ambassador William C. Mc Blair, colleagues of Ambassador Stevenson, already took Waldman to task better than I ever could have.

New 11/17/99! - The first ad is online!

New 11/15/99! - I've gone negative. The Mediscare attacks by Gore on Bradley over the weekend, to say nothing of the recycled "Chicken Bradley" that turned up at MSG, have finally pushed me over the edge. From now on, this site will devote itself not only to explaining why Bill Bradley is the best man to lead us in 2000, but also why Al Gore is emphatically not. Al Gore is a chump. For the many reasons why, click on.

New 11/11/99! - A Reply to Joe Conason. Joe Conason of the New York Observer has replied to my critique of his piece in Salon Magazine which, in a manner typical of the Gore establishment, questioned why liberals should support Bill Bradley over our perenially uncomfortable beta male of a vice-president. The response also includes replies to the oft-repeated attacks on Bradley concerning his vote for the 1981 Reagan budget cuts and his decision to retire from Congress in 1996. Enjoy.

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