Named after the DSS Satellite receiver that once brought down upon us a plethora of NBA games, second-run-movies and sundry other entertainments, the Dish is a roving bande of Harvard merrymen who once congregated in and around the Dunster House area seeking high adventure, fierce competition, and respite from the world at large. As a location, the Dish was used as both a storehouse for abundant spirits and a staging area for evening activities. As a group, the Dish's members are a loose assemblage of rogues and roustabouts, including but not limited to the following:

Donnie Dean, of Oklahoma City, OK: A late arrival to the Dish milieu, Donnie more than made up for lost time at the corner seat of the Dish couch. An alumni of the Harvard Basketball team, Donnie now coaches both the St. Gregory's University men's team and his very young son in the ways of the roundball.

David Demian, of Idyllwild, CA: The senior captain and starting shooting guard of the Harvard Basketball team, as well as the Dish's resident Dylan expert, Dave D. decided to test his "Nothing but Love" philosophy in the shark-infested waters of Law School. After a year of living the Magnum P.I. lifestyle at the University of Hawaii, Dave returned stateside to attend the University of San Diego. He and Jessica married in June of 2001. After a stint at the Department of Child Support Services, Dave has since moved on to the firm of Marks, Golia, & Finch, LLP.

Jessica Eichenberg Demian, of San Diego, CA: David's longtime paramour and occasional photographer of the Dish's exploits, Jessica was the head of our cultural exchange program with Boston University. She too has returned to the San Diego area, where she works in marine biology. She and David married in June of 2001.

Kevin Murphy, of Florence, SC: His story is all around you. To begin your journey anew, click here.

Daniel Sanchez, of Miami, FL: One of our two engineers (and the actual mounter of the Dish), Danny went on to exercise his considerable mechanical ingenuity at Computer Motion (now Intuitive Surgical) in Santa Barbara, where he worked to create surgical robots. Currently a freelance consultant and all-around MacGyver, Danny's Dish experience was characterized by a strong affinity for hypothetical questions and a strong aversion to goats.

Jonathan Wolff, of New York, New York: The tale of the Wolff, the Dish's other resident engineer, can be distilled from his two great loves - Bob Marley and Conan. For his unassuming, soft-spoken, and gentle nature masks an in-your-face New York grittiness that comes to light best when the Dish is threatened (or the Jets and Knicks are insulted.) His fondness for all things NYC was not diminished by his relocating to Spacedev, a commercial space exploration company based in San Diego. Jon has since moved on up to Seattle, where he does similar space-faring work for Blue Origin.

David Weaver (pronounced Weav-ER!), of Palo Alto, California: The other shooting guard of the Harvard team and the lone wolf of the Dish, Weaver's post-college travels took him to Ireland, where his basketball savvy and flair for the unpredictable made him a Gaelic ghetto supastar for Killester. He has since returned to the West Coast, where he recently completed law school at Santa Clara.

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