"The Bichon Frise is a small dog breed, sturdy, lively, with an air of dignity and intelligence...It has a cheerful attitude, friendly, outgoing, and an affectionate nature which has made it a favorite companion and family dog." - DogBiz

Born October 12, 2008, Murf is our resident bichon frise (who came into my life through the dating/marriage compact circa 2012.) Spirited, affectionate, and take-no-guff, Murf mostly enjoys food, licking, sleep, food, bones from the butcher, licking, sleep, and food.

Murf contracted glaucoma in one eye in 2013 and the other in 2015, and is now completely blind. To reduce the chances of continued bouts of migraine-like pain, we had both of his eyes eviscerated after he lost his sight. This doesn't seem to have interfered with his joie-de-vivre or appetite much at all, and he still gets around our apartment just as well as before.

Murf enjoying the beaches of Wilmington, NC.
Additional Images

Murf has been known to rep the family heritage on St. Paddy's...

...but is not averse to other forms of cultural appropriation too.

Murf mostly likes to sleep ...

...but he recognizes when it's time to get woke.

He spends much of his awake time ministering to his flock...

...but doesn't buy into this War on Christmas claptrap.

He still loves the outdoors...

...but understands his constituents expect results.

Back in the day, Murf solved crimes with Hart and Cohle...

...but lately has been working cases with his old partner.

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